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Where does a story begin? Where is it's beginning? Is it a long time ago and is it definable? I do not know. This story starts somewhere between a lot of different stories and can be told in the words that follow:

This is a story of three people who never met in person, two of them have spoken to each other but neither to the third or the third person to them, yet they started a web business together.

It all began some time ago between Sokule, Twitter, Swom, Facebook and all other nice social sites when Jawsie, Dave and Oudjoe  all tried their (separate) hands at making money on the internet (as almost all of you do). At some stage they started "talking" to each other and some ideas were born. The first successful idea culminated in a name giving event to Aliki's puppy.

This was an indication that the three of them could work together.

A need was identified and they decided to start a business for "Affordable Web Hosting" and the wheels were put in motion. The result of this venture was the creation of Wozahost. Woza is a Zulu word meaning "come" or "come in". During nights of (email) deliberation, other ideas in regards to a theme, logo and other needful things were discussed and finally the image of a lighthouse, showing ships the way, were decided on. A  logo "Arrive Online", glowed like a light-globe above one of the three's head. The symbolic is that of a lighthouse showing "lost" ships
the way to arrive safely in the online port of the Internet.

As easy as it may sound, so difficult it was to design / create web hosting plans for Wozahost to offer and they finally agreed on four plans called "Hop, Skip, Jump and Dash" each with different disks pace and other options. They  also worked a "double discount" into these plans whereby  the first years hosting is discounted by almost 25% and when payable yearly in advance, another almost 10% discount kicks in. A money back on hosting paid in advance is included as standard in the Terms of Conditions.

While designing these plans, they realized that there is almost no means to compare different companies hosting plans with others. The only way to do that would be to weigh the different options in a plan and compare these "point" with each other - almost just as difficult.


This prompted the three to ................set forth and sell web hosting!



The Techie Guy
The Web Mistress
The Editor